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nectar and pollen

Nectar is a sweet substance, produced by some plants to attract pollinators such as bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. Bees collect nectar and make it into honey. While collecting the nectar, pollinators accidentally transfer pollen from male flowers to female flowers, or between the male and female parts of flowers that have both. Pollen is a … Continue reading nectar and pollen Read more >>>

“animal cells” and “plant cells”

Short answer … The main differences are: 1. Plant cells can be bigger than animal cells can. 2. Plant cells have cell walls, made of cellulose, which give them rigidity. 3. Plant cells have chloroplasts, which contain chlorophyl, the light-absorbing pigment needed for photosynthesis. 4. Plant cells have a large vacuole containing cell sap. For … Continue reading “animal cells” and “plant cells” Read more >>>