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Poisonous and Toxic

Poisonous (adjective) describes any substance, natural or manufactured, that is harmful or deadly to living cells, even in small quantities. Toxic (adjective) refers to poison that is produced naturally by living things, but people often use ‘toxic’ to describe any substance that is harmful or not good for you e.g. ‘toxic fumes’. This is very … Continue reading Poisonous and Toxic Read more >>>

“animal cells” and “plant cells”

Short answer … The main differences are: 1. Plant cells can be bigger than animal cells can. 2. Plant cells have cell walls, made of cellulose, which give them rigidity. 3. Plant cells have chloroplasts, which contain chlorophyl, the light-absorbing pigment needed for photosynthesis. 4. Plant cells have a large vacuole containing cell sap. For … Continue reading “animal cells” and “plant cells” Read more >>>